Intergranular corrosion

Ongoing integranular corrosion tests at Kaizen Lab (ASTM A262 / ISO 3651-2)

Accreditation extension rev.6

Kaizen Lab is glad to announce the successful accreditation for the chemical analysis on low alloys, stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, ferritic/martensitic stainless steels and metallography and mechanical tests on welding.

Accreditation extension Rev.4

Kaizen Lab is pleased to announce the recent and positive ISO 17025 accreditation extension.

The extension is about the ASTM G28 practice AASTM A262 practice B, C, EUNI EN ISO 3651-1UNI EN ISO 3651-2, with positive result and zero non-conformities.

The laboratory counts additional tests that have been already accredited during the last years:

  • Hardness tests (ASTM E10 – E18 – E92 – UNI EN ISO 6506 – 6507 – 6508)
  • Bend tests (ISO 7438 – ASTM E290)
  • Corrosion tests (ASTM G48 – A923)
  • Impact tests (UNI EN ISO 148-1 – ASTM E23)
  • Tensile tests (UNI EN ISO 6892-1 – 6892-2 – ASTM E8/E8M – E21)
  • Inclusion analysis (ISO 4967 – ASTM E45 – DIN 50602)
  • Secondary volume determination (ASTM E562 – E1245)
  • Grain size determination (UNI EN ISO 643 – ASTM E112)
  • Microscopic examination (UNI 3137 – ASTM E3)

For a more detailed list of the accredited tests, please visit the accreditation page of our website.

For a real-time updated list, please visit the Accredia database page.

Kaizen Lab

Update of Kaizen Lab website

We are pleased to inform our customers that the laboratory website is updated in order to supply all the necessary  and complete information concerning all the services that are provided by Kaizen Lab. During the last year, the laboratory has managed to widen it services portfolio, adding the supply and certification of UT calibration blocks, the weld qualification, the training courses, the wedge and proof load tests, not to mention the enrichment of the available chemical analysis.