Microstructural analysis of a grey cast iron self-ventilating brake disc

Micro-structural analysis of a grey cast iron self-ventilating brake disc.

The images show the presence of lamellar graphite (black colored, in the low magnification image) and a perlitic micro-structure (in the high magnification image with Nital 2% chemical etchant).

Brake disc graphite slats - 100X

100X magnification – lamellar graphite (black colored)
Perlitic microstructure of a brake disc - 1000X

1000X magnification – Nital 2% chemical etchant – perlitic micro-structure

Macro evaluation of an Oil&Gas component

Macro image of a low alloy steel component intended for the Oil & Gas sector.

Macrograph evaluation of a mold component made of a low alloy steel intended for the Oil&Gas sector. Thanks to the macro etching it is possible to highlight the fiber flow and possible irregularities. 

Intergranular corrosion

Ongoing integranular corrosion tests at Kaizen Lab (ASTM A262 / ISO 3651-2)

UT Calibration Blocks (ultrasound testing)

Kaizen Lab offers a full service regarding the UT calibration blocks (ultrasound testing). This service concerns the roughing, turning, surface preparation, rectification, milling and the dimensional certification in accordance to the most common standards.