Accreditation of Kaizen Lab



Click here in order to download the PDF with the updated list of the accredited tests of the laboratory.


Only testing laboratories are qualified to supply to the market reliable, credible and internationally recognised certifications of conformity.

Accreditation certifies the quality of the work of of a testing and calibration laboratory (testing in the case of KAIZEN LAB), assessing the conformity of its management system and its competences against internationally recognised requirements and standards, including all legal obligations.


Accreditation is thus a guarantee of:

  • Impartiality:representation of all interested parties within the body or laboratory.
  • Independence:assessors and committees releasing the certification or report guarantee their absence of conflict of interests with the organisation to be certified.
  • Correct behaviour:European standards disallow offers of consultancy either directly or through associated organisations.
  • Competence:accreditation certifies primarily that those performing the assessment are culturally, technically and professionally qualified.


For further information about the accreditation, visit the official page of Accredia –  click here


List of ISO 17025 accredited tests (November 2019 – Revision 8):

  • Chemical analysis of carbon steels – ASTM E415-17
  • Detecting susceptibility to intergranular attack in austenitic stainless steels – ASTM A262-15 practice B,C,E, ; UNI EN ISO 3651-1:2000; UNI EN ISO 3651-2:2000
  • Chemical analysis on austenitic steels – ASTM E1086-14
  • Chemical analysis on Duplex stainless steels – Metodo interno PT_26 Rev.3 2018
  • Detecting detrimental intermetallic phase in duplex austenitic/ferritic stainless steels – ASTM A923-14 met. A,C
  • Pitting and crevice corrosion resistance of stainless steels and related alloys by use of ferric chloride solution – ASTM G48-11 (2015) met. A
  • Chemical analysis of ferritic/martensitic stainless steels – Metodo interno PT_26 Rev.3 2018
  • Detecting susceptibility to intergranular corrosion in wrought, nickel rich, chromium-bearing alloys – ASTM G28-02 (2015) met. A
  • Determining the inclusion content of steel – ISO 4967:2013; ASTM E45-18a met. A – D
  • Determining average grain size (comparison procedure) – UNI EN ISO 643:2013 (par.7.1.2); ASTM E112-13 (par.10)
  • Macroscopic examinaton – ASTM A604/A604M-07 (2017); ASTM E340-15; ASTM E381-17; UNI 3138:1984
  • Microscopic examination – UNI 3137:1965; ASTM E3-11(2017)
  • Brinell hardness test (HBW 2,5/187,5) – UNI EN ISO 6506-1:2015; ASTM E10-18 (par.5.7 excluded); ASTM A370-19
  • Rockwell hardness test (HRB, HRC) – UNI EN ISO 6508-1:2016; ASTM E18-19 (par.5.8 excluded); ASTM A370-19
  • Vickers hardness test Vickers (HV10, HV30) – UNI EN ISO 6507-1:2018, ASTM E92-17
  • Bend test (0-180°) – ISO 7438:2016; ASTM E290-14; ASTM A370-19
  • Impact test (up to 450J) – UNI EN ISO 148-1:2016; ASTM E23-18; ASTM A370-19
  • Tensile test (up to 250 KN) – UNI EN ISO 6892-1:2016; ASTM E8/E8M-16a; ASTM A370-19
  • Hot tensile test (up to 250 KN; from 50°C up to 550°C) – UNI EN ISO 6892-2:2018; ASTM E21-17e1
  • Determining the inclusion or Second-Phase Constituent content of metals by automatic image analysis (0 ÷ 100 %) – ASTM E562-11 + ASTM E1245-03(2016)
  • Determining volume fraction by systematic manual point count (0 ÷ 100 %) – ASTM E562-11
  • Microscopic and macroscopic examination on welded joints – UNI EN ISO 17639:2019; ASME IX-19 QW-183, QW-184, QW-193.1.3
  • Hardness test on welded joints – UNI EN ISO 9015-1:2011; UNI EN ISO 6507-1:2018
  • Bend test on welded joints – UNI EN ISO 5173:2012; ASTM A370-19, ASME IX-19 QW-160
  • Charpy test on welded joints – UNI EN ISO 9016:2012; ASME IX-19 QW-171; UNI EN ISO 148-1:2016
  • Longitudinal tensile test on welded joints – UNI EN ISO 5178:2019; UNI EN ISO 6892-1:2016
  • Transversal tensile test on welded joints – UNI EN ISO 4136:2012; ASME IX-19 QW-150; UNI EN ISO 6892-1:2016; ASTM E8/E8M-16a



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